MEDIBLINK Hot Water Bottle 2L, Red M100

Mediblink Hot Water Bottle is made out of a natural, ribbed Rubber and can assure long-lasting and continuous heating. Reinforced screw thread prevents the leakage. The use of Hot Water Bottle is especially recommended for treating muscle spasms and other problems, where the heat therapy is being recommended. The volume of this hot water bottle is 2,0L.

Dostępność: Brak w magazynie

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USAGE & CARE: When filling this hot water bottle do not use boiling water. Fill to a maximum two-thirds capacity. Hold the bottle by the neck in an upright position and fill slowly to avoid hot water splashing back. To remove all air from the bottle, delicately squeeze it against the flat surface until water appears at the opening. Screw the stopper sufficiently tight to ensure that there is no leakage. Finger-tight should be adequate. WARNING: HOT WATER BOTTLE CAN CAUSE BURNS. AVOID PROLONGED DIRECT CONTACT WITH SKIN. Do not fill with boiling water, as this can prematurely degrade the product. Prevent the bottle from contact with hot surfaces. Prevent contact with oil and grease. When not in use, drain completely and keep with stopper removed in a cool, dry place. Prevent exposure to sunlight. Do not place anything on top of the bottle. Check stopper for wear and damage at regular intervals. The bag must not be used by children without supervision by an adult, can not be used by disabled persons or those sensitive to heat. It must not be used on small children. This bag is not a toy. Plastic bags can be dangerous. To avoid suffocation, keep this bag out of reach of children.

Informacje dodatkowe
Informacje dodatkowe
Adapter priloženNie
Druge posebnostiNie
Indikator nepravilnega srčnega utripa (srčna aritmija)Nie
Indikator gibanja telesa med meritvijoNie
Klinično testiran po ESH IP-2010Nie
Merjenje tlaka med inflacijo manšete (hitro merjenje)Nie
Merjenje tlaka med deflacijo manšete (klasično merjenje)Nie
Možnost kasnejšega preverjanja točnosti meritveNie
Možnost povezave z računalnikomNie
Možnost priklopa na adapterNie
Napihovanje manšete prilagojeno obsegu rokeNie
Opozori in opravi točno meritev v primeru srčne aritmijeNie
Osnovne značilnostiNie
Osvetljen zaslonNie
Povprečje meritevNie
Prikaz meritve na grafu (po WHO standardu)Nie
Prikaz pritiska srčnega utripaNie
Priložena torba za shranjevanjeNie
Priložen USB kabel in programska opremaNie
Spominska mestaNie
Točna meritev v primeru nepravilnega srčnega utripaNie
Velikost manšeteNie
Velikost zaslonaNie
Vrsta priloženih baterijNie
Vrsta manšeteNie
Vrsta merilnikaNie
Cev, dolžina ceviNie
Druge posebnostiNie
Klinično testiranNie
MMAD – povprečna velikost razpršenih delcevNie
Možnost uporabe s fiziološko raztopino in/ali zdravilomNie
Največji pretok (ml/min)Nie
Največji pritisk (bar)Nie
Operativni pretok (ml/min)Nie
Operativni pritisk (bar)Nie
PORR - % delcev manjših od 5 mikrona metraNie
Posodica za fiziološko raztopino/zdravilo, velikost posodiceNie
Predviden čas inhaliranja (5ml fiziološke raztopine)Nie
Priložena torba za shranjevanjeNie
Primeren za odrasle in otrokeNie
Teža (kg)Nie
Ustni nastavekNie
Vrsta maskeNie
Vrsta motorjaNie
Vsebuje prostor za shranjevanje rezervnih delovNie

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